Other products

Do you need a piece of furniture which performs an exclusive function? Maybe for a long time you have dreamed about the certain furniture or wall decoration element but you have not find it anywhere? Our qualified employees will help to solve these problems – express your preferences and we will manufacture seemingly even very complicated-looking product.

UAB ‘Riešva’ manufactures not only usually used furniture but also other exclusive production: wall-standing or mounted small tables with a glass partition which are used to put certain demonstration items, also stairs, bars, tables, adorable TV cabinets or cabinets mounted under the windowsills or other unused places, custom-size mirrors, interior doors, hanging cabinets, furniture for children’s room. Even if we missed something to mention – we welcome you to inquiry and find the best solution. We will help you to create the desired interior design and we will equip the whole house: we will manufacture wall finishing and the desired furniture. For individual products, please contact us by the indicated contacts and agree upon the most convenient meeting time.